A steppe forward

It feels like I've come full circle. Five years after leaving the wine industry, I now write about farming and finance at The Economist.

My journey started in 2007, on the Trans-Siberian railway to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Unlikely as it may sound, this is where I first worked as a wine merchant, for a (sizzling) summer. I then made a stopover in Spain, before settling in London in 2009—just as extraordinary measures were being uncorked to save the City from the financial crisis.

At the time, I was still selling wine. But these jobs and travels fed my appetite for writing, in particular about finance, business and the global food system. I'm also keen on international relations, development economics and technology (especially when applied to finance or farming).

I now cover all this by contributing to the finance and business pages of The Economist, where I study the forces, companies and people responsible for shaping the new ways money—and food—moves around the world. 

Reach me at matthieufavas@economist.com or follow me on Twitter, @matthieufavas, where I share a lot of stories.